A Hidden Gem

The Magic of  the picturesque seaside town of White Rock is difficult to describe.  There is a certain vibe which has to be experienced.  From the quaint restaurants along Marine Drive, to taking in the ocean air. along the beach,  White Rock will take your breath away. 

One of the biggest attractions is, of course, the White Rock Pier, which boasts to be the longest in Canada.  Here you can enjoy spectacular sunrises and sunsets, all year round.  While strolling the  White Rock promenade be sure to look for Eagles and a variety of other shore birds.  Don't forget to take a selfie at the massive White Rock on West Beach.  

The warm climate in White Rock is very different than the rest of the lower mainland.  Most pilots call White Rock "A hole in the sky".  because when it's raining elsewhere in the Lower Mainland,  it's sunny in White Rock!                       

We are very fortunate to call this gem home...and are dedicating an entire page to showcase the beauty of White Rock.  

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